Contract Manufacturing

Clean Treats is about so much more than a product. We're all about sharing love and truly believe that together we can be the healthy change in the world. Complete with our custom built manufacturing facility we're equipt to help simplify the stress by manufacturing your product locally.

Are you a business looking to develop and/or manufacture a premium, bespoke product?
The Clean Treats Factory can use either your recipe, or one that we develop for you, to achieve your goal. Anything from dry mixes, protein powders, mueslis and much more.

Do you have a product in mind?
Simply contact Charlie to discuss the product you currently make yourself, or if it’s still in the idea stage, we may be able to assist in the development of your product.

Do you already have a recipe?
If you have a special recipe unique to your product, we are happy to provide you with a confidentiality agreement for your peace-of-mind. We can assist with any modifications that may be required for production on commercial scale, without losing the essence of your recipe.